BIMS (Bioprist Institute of Medical Sciences)

Leveraging Technology to Drive Excellence in Medical Education

The healthcare industry is not what it was even a few years ago. Technology has made a remarkable impact on medicine, and each new day brings with it exciting innovations and breakthroughs.

Aided by technological advancements, ground-breaking discoveries are constantly being made in data collection, treatment, disease and symptom research and devices. With its transformative power, technology has changed the vast landscape of medicine. And if medicine is becoming increasingly integrated with technology, so is medical education.

Use of technology in medical education fulfils goals such as improved decision making, better knowledge acquisition, better perceptual variation, skill coordination, access to demonstrations on rare events and more. Through advances such as virtual patients, simulations and remote learning, students can now enjoy a more hands-on, learner-centric approach to medical education.

BIMS is Invested in Innovation!

At BIMS, we strongly believe in equipping our students with all the resources they may need to excel in the rapidly-evolving healthcare environment. And this is why, students at BIMS have access to a comprehensive curriculum that blends medicine with ultramodern technology. Advanced learning tools such as the Anatomage Table and HoloAnatomy Software Suit will provide our students with in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy. So, what is the Anatomage Table or the HoloAnatomy Software Suite?

Anatomage Table

The Anatomage Table is an FDA-approved three-dimensional human anatomy system, allowing students to visualize the anatomy as if on a real cadaver. It is a fully-interactive, life-sized touch screen and offers high-resolution and accurate anatomical images. This futuristic educational tool also boasts of anatomical variations with hundreds of pathological examples.

The Anatomage Table has numerous features such as visualization of blood flow and heart motion, allowing students to examine cardiac functions in a living body. With state-of-the-art image processing software, the tool provides students with ultra-high-quality visualizations of different parts of the human body. Students can rotate anatomical images, cut through planes to view skin and muscle, visualize underlying structures and examine tissues. Pre-loaded cases that enable case reviews and a built-in quiz mode makes this educational tool extremely interactive and engaging.

HoloAnatomy Software Suite

Developed in collaboration with experienced faculty, the HoloAnatomy Software Suite offers students three-dimensional perspectives of every part of the human body. This mixed-reality software is academically tested and can teach students about the human anatomy without the need for cadavers. It offers visualizations of internal parts such as the nervous, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. This software offers students essential features such as size-scaling, labelling, and accurate highlighting of parts of the body. A unique, advanced application, the HoloAnatomy Software Suite makes learning efficient, effective, and interactive.

The use of technology in medical education has increased exponentially due to its effectiveness and impact. And with the aim of being front-runners in medical education, we believe in providing our students with the best-in-class educational tools to realize their vision of becoming future leaders.

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