BIMS (Bioprist Institute of Medical Sciences)

BIMS is JTEC Certified! Here’s Why It Matters…

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About JTEC Certification, And Why It’s Important.

Where do you see yourself four years down the line? Probably receiving a medical degree?

If yes, then choosing the right medical school is one of the first important decisions you will make to fulfil your vision. Afterall, there’s a lot at stake. You will consider factors like location, programs offered, financial options, admission criteria and the all-important: certifications.

So why are certifications so important?

A medical school is a tertiary-level institution and it is essential that it meets established standards of educational quality. Certification indicates that the institute in question meets these standards. It involves a thorough review of whether the institution conforms to the pre-determined criteria.

What is JTEC?

Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission, or JTEC, is a regulatory and supervisory body of the Ministry of Education, established for the tertiary education sector. The Commission has been established with the mission to transform Jamaica’s higher education sector and making it internationally competitive and accessible. The Commission aims to establish and uphold world-class standards in higher education through registration and regulation.

The Commissionplays a significant role in maintaining records of institutes operating in Jamaica and ensuring that institutes have the right student services. Additionally, with the intention of making Jamaica a top contender for higher education, JTEC has a comprehensive and thorough process for registration and certification of institutes. An establishment needs to fulfil a wide-ranging set of criteria in order to be certified as an institution for higher education by the JTEC.

Criteria for certification

The Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission uses a meticulous registration process to certify an institution to impart higher education. In order to register with the Commission, the institute must fulfil a comprehensive set of requirements.

  • Sound academic governance
  • Financial viability
  • Establishment and maintenance of high-quality academic programs
  • Well-managed, qualified staff and appropriate human resources
  • Well-planned provision for student support and services
  • Procedures for health, safety and security of students
  • Properly maintained resources and infrastructure
  • Policies without discrimination

Registration of the institute is approved only after a thorough examination of the institute standards, procedures as well as infrastructure. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, the institute must also be registered with the Office of the Registrar of Companies of Jamaica, with good standing, appropriate teaching and learning resources.

BIMS is JTEC Certified!

BIMS is officially registered by the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information as “THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE & HEALTH PROFESSIONS” and can now operate as a Higher Education Institution.

As is mentioned above, after going through a stringent review process and meeting established standards, BIMS is ready to welcome future physicians to delve into the fascinating world of medical education. With great infrastructure, a comprehensive curriculum and educational tools with the latest technology, we are ready to teach students and guide them on their journey to becoming healthcare pioneers of the future.

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