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Island Of Jamaica

Jamaica, is a tropical island Nation in the West Indies. It is third largest English-speaking Nation in the Western Hemisphere. Jamaica is about 146 miles (235 km) long and varies from 22 to 51 miles (35 to 82 km) wide. The national capital is Kingston.

Situated about:

  • 558.38 miles (898.63km) Southeast of Miami, United States,
  • 100 miles (160 km) west of Haiti,
  • 90 miles (150 km) south of Cuba, and
  • 390 miles (630 km) northeast of the nearest point on the mainland, Cape Gracias a Dios, on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

…………… also the largest nation in the English speaking Caribbean and is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea, after Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic).

The BIMS School of Medicine campus, is located in the Mecca of Caribbean tourism, the city of Montego Bay, within the vicinity and across from the Caribbean’s busiest Sangster’s International Airport.  Montego Bay, is approximately 200km away from the capital city Kingston, Jamaica.

Sangster international airport

Christopher Columbus, who first sighted the island in 1494, called it Santiago, but the original indigenous name of Jamaica, or Xaymaca, has persisted.

Columbus considered it to be “the fairest isle that eyes have beheld,” and many travelers still regard it as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

The island’s various Spanish, French, and English place-names are remnants of its colonial history. The great majority of its people are of African ancestry, the descendants of slaves brought by European colonists. Jamaica became independent from the United Kingdom in 1962 but remains a member of the Commonwealth.

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