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Anatomage Table

1. Anatomage Table

The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced virtual dissection table for anatomy education. The Table’s life-sized display, clinical content, and renowned imaging software separates the Table from any other anatomy education tool on the market. The accuracy of real human anatomy and quantity of clinical cases are unique aspects of the Anatomage Table. The Table includes ultra-high quality (UHQ) visualization for students to view photorealistic anatomical structures. Research has proven that working with the Table improves student retention and test scores.

CLASSROOM INTEGRATION With the Table’s built-in quiz mode, instructors can drop pins and create testing material for lab practicals, assignments, and examinations. The Table’s video out functions ensures that it can be utilized in lecture halls through the connection to projectors, or in small groups with multiple external monitors.

DRIVE STUDENT COLLABORATION Present customized lectures with, or give students the opportunity to, explore and lead discussions. Students can form small groups to collaborate while answering questions and take quizzes using pre-loaded cases. They also have the opportunity to discuss comparisons between normal and abnormal pathologies side-by-side.


HoloAnatomy App:

2 HoloAnatomy

HoloAnatomy® Software Suite is a first-in-kind, engaging and academically tested and validated mixed reality medical anatomy education tool. It’s 3-D anatomical models include the adult male musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and more. One can also explore some of the pedagogically-useful instructor tools such as:

– body position adjustment

– custom highlighting and labeling

– size scaling (up to 200%)

all designed to improve students’ experience and enhance their retention of critical anatomical knowledge

It also supports large groups of students, either in-person or in synchronous remote learning settings, who wear Microsoft HoloLens together with their anatomy instructor. Through the power of mixed reality, instructors guide students through anatomical lessons —both verbally and visually— to engage with 3-D models of healthy male and female middle-aged adult anatomy.

Every structure required for medical school-level anatomy curricula can be seen in striking clarity, even those that are notoriously difficult to visualize, such as the lymphatic system and nervous system.

Instructors build individual lessons using a PC-based design tool to customize 3-D slideshows of the anatomy they wish to present. Choose from a library of more than 8,500 anatomical 3-D art assets, which may be displayed by:

– Region
– System
– Organ
– Male and female, side-by-side

Or, in any combination of the above.

To share a completed slideshow, instructors simply click “publish” from their computer, and the content becomes viewable on students’ HoloLenses within seconds. Once licensed for their institution, students may study HoloAnatomy® structures independently or work in small groups.

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