BIMS (Bioprist Institute of Medical Sciences)

Executive Positions


Be a Founding Leader: Become the Inaugural Provost of Our New Medical School!

Are you a trailblazing academic leader with a passion for innovation in medical education? Here’s your chance to make history by joining us as the first Provost of our upcoming medical school. Shape the future of medical training and patient care from the ground up!


About Us: We are embarking on an exciting journey to establish a brand-new medical school committed to redefining healthcare education and research. As the inaugural Provost, you’ll have a unique opportunity to build a transformative learning environment that empowers students, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and pushes the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Role Overview: As the Provost, you will play a pivotal role in designing and implementing a pioneering curriculum that leverages the latest advancements in medical technology and pedagogy. Your vision will guide the selection of exceptional faculty members, the development of state-of-the-art facilities, and the creation of innovative research programs that address global health.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Academic Leadership:As provost you will be responsible for providing leadership and direction for all academic programs and activities. This can involve setting academic policies, developing curriculum, and ensuring the quality of instruction and research.
  • Faculty Affairs:You will oversee matters related to faculty recruitment, promotion, tenure, and professional development. Work closely with department chairs and deans to ensure that the faculty are supported and engaged in the institution’s academic mission.
  • Budget and Resource Allocation:You will be responsible for budget planning and resource allocation, especially as it pertains to academic programs and initiatives. Work closely with other administrators to allocate funds for research, teaching, and other academic priorities.
  • Strategic Planning:You will be involved in the development and implementation of the institution’s strategic plan. Help shape the academic vision of the institution and align academic programs with its long-term goals.
  • Student Affairs:While student affairs typically falls under the purview of a separate administrative officer, as Provost you will often collaborate with student affairs professionals to ensure that academic and student support services are well-integrated to promote student success.
  • Accreditation and Assessment: You will be involved in the accreditation process, ensuring that the institution meets the standards set by accrediting bodies. Oversee assessment efforts to measure the effectiveness of academic programs and make improvements as needed.
  • Crisis Management:During times of crisis or significant change, you will be guiding the institution’s response and adapting academic programs and policies as needed.



Advanced Degree in a relevant field (usually a Ph.D. or equivalent) is required.

Executive Dean

Are you a dynamic and visionary leader with a passion for shaping the future of medical education on a global scale? Here’s your chance to make a profound impact by becoming the Executive Dean of our prestigious international medical school.


About Us: Our international medical school stands at the crossroads of innovation, diversity, and excellence. We’re committed to training a new generation of healthcare leaders who will drive positive change across borders. With a commitment to cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a multicultural learning environment, we’re poised to set new standards in global medical education.


Role Overview: As the Executive Dean, you will be the driving force behind our medical school’s international reputation for academic excellence, clinical innovation, and cultural diversity. You’ll shape a forward-looking curriculum that equips students with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in a global healthcare landscape. Your leadership will foster collaboration among faculty, researchers, and students, while advancing impactful research initiatives.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Global Curriculum Leadership: Develop a curriculum that integrates global health perspectives, cultural competency, and digital learning to prepare students for an interconnected world.
  • Faculty Development: Attract and support a diverse faculty with international expertise, fostering a dynamic learning environment that reflects the global healthcare landscape.
  • Research Impact: Facilitate cross-border research partnerships and initiatives that address global health challenges and contribute to advancing medical science.
  • Multicultural Engagement: Create an inclusive environment that celebrates cultural diversity and encourages global collaboration among students and faculty.
  • International Partnerships: Forge alliances with renowned institutions worldwide to offer unique exchange opportunities and joint research ventures.



  • An advanced degree (MD, PhD, or equivalent) in a relevant field, complemented by a distinguished record of academic and professional accomplishments.
  • Proven leadership experience in academic administration, preferably within a multinational medical education context.
  • Exceptional communication skills, cultural awareness, and the ability to foster collaboration across diverse backgrounds
All applicants for the above positions please email:

1- Cover letter,

2- Curriculum vitae,

3- Statement of accomplishments and future goals

& any other pertinent information to

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