BIMS is JTEC Certified! Here’s Why It Matters…

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About JTEC Certification, And Why It’s Important. Where do you see yourself four years down the line? Probably receiving a medical degree? If yes, then choosing the right medical school is one of the first important decisions you will make to fulfil your vision. Afterall, there’s a lot at […]

Finance Options for Medical Students in The Caribbean

Medicine is a challenging field. It is a dream chased by millions. And every year, thousands of students attempt to get admission in good medical schools, with hopes of fulfilling this dream. However, securing a seat in a good school isn’t enough. Most medical schools tend to be heavy on the pocket, with stiff fees […]

The BIMS MD Program: Preparing You for a Bright Future in Medicine

Clinical Sciences Program

In an ever-evolving scenario, every day brings with it progress; be it in the form of a new medicine, research, or new technology for disease detection. It is therefore essential, that budding physicians stay ahead of the game right from the start, which means, day one of medical school. And keeping this in mind, we […]

Will Attending a Medical School in Jamaica be Considered in the United States?

Introduction Studying medicine isn’t just about earning a degree. It is about choosing to lead a life of impact. When you choose the medical profession, you choose to serve mankind. You choose to dedicate your life to the betterment of the world through research and clinical care. And since your medical education is the most […]

Who is an ideal applicant for Medical Schools in the Caribbean?

Introduction As an aspiring medical student, the admission process is one of the most challenging, yet exciting experiences you will go through. From choosing medical schools and applying for admission to going through the interview, each step will take you closer to your final goal of getting into your favourite school. One of the most […]

How to Prepare for a Medical School Interview

Introduction The process of applying to medical school is competitive and challenging. And one of the most essential phases of this process is a great interview. After you have submitted your applications, you need to start preparing yourself for the all-important final stage, the interview. As you prepare, thinking about why medical schools interview their […]

Medical Education in the Caribbean: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction One of the most important decisions you will make to fulfil your dreams of a career in medicine is choosing a university for your education. You will need to consider various aspects before you decide where you want to study. Factors such as location, finance, curriculum, accreditation and residency placement are some of these […]

How to become a doctor – A Step-by-Step guide

doctor image

Medicine is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding and satisfying fields a student can choose. A career as a doctor involves hard work and life-long learning. Once you have decided to pursue a career in the field of medicine, it can prove helpful if you understand how to prepare. As an aspiring doctor, following […]

Choosing a Career in Medical Science – All You Need to Know

conference meeting

Millions dream of becoming a doctor, and for a good reason. The field of medical science is, perhaps, the most noble of them all. It is, however, not just about donning a white coat and stethoscope; it is so much more – vast, interesting, and challenging. Medical science is a cog in the larger picture […]

What is Medical Science?

what is medical science

The human body is complex and its study, fascinating. Studying the human body needs an approach that is holistic and integrative. Medical Science is the study of the human body, how it works, how diseases develop, and how they can be treated to restore normal function. Medical science will enable you to develop an in-depth […]