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Why Jamaica

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About Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean and is part of the West Indies. The country is spread over an area of 10,991 sq kms comprising mostly of mainland with a few scattered islands. Jamaica is the third-largest country in the Greater Antilles, preceded by Cuba (which lies to its north) and Hispaniola (which is located to its east). It is the fourth-most populous country in the Caribbean and third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas with a population of 2.98 million (as in 2021)
The Taino indigenous people were the original inhabitants of the island till 1494 when Christopher Columbus landed on its shore and took over control. Most of the inhabitants were either killed or died of disease under the Spanish rule which ended around 1655 following the arrival of the British. The country gained independence from British colonial rule in 1962.
The island’s economy is majorly dependent on tourism and it is ranked an upper-middle income country.

Handy Facts

Capital: Kingston
Official language: English
National language: Jamaican Patois (English-African Creole)
Currency: Jamaican dollar (JMD)
Time zone: UTC-5:00
Country code: +1-876
Climate: Tropical
People: More than 70% are of African descent; rest of mixed race
Government: Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Famous Jamaicans: Bob Marley, Usain Bolt

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