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Understanding the MD Program Admissions Requirements for Jamaica’s Medical School

For aspiring medical professionals all over the world, the Medical Doctor (MD) program is a rigorous and highly competitive program. The requirements for obtaining admission to the MD program vary from school to school. However, in order to guarantee a fair chance of success for their students based on the applicant’s level of education, the majority of Caribbean medical schools adhere to similar admission requirements.

The following admissions requirements should be met by each applicant:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or Post-Baccalaureate Requirements – reflected on Official Transcripts – from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 90 credit hours of college courses is strongly recommended, as is a degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. Satisfactory completion of four years of accredited secondary education. Applications submitted by students who have completed at least 90 credit hours from an accredited college or university will be taken into consideration.
  2. The applicants are evaluated holistically, and it is anticipated that they will possess the necessary science prerequisites. The Admissions Committee of the BIMS will look over an applicant’s application and decide whether or not to accept the applicant or require additional coursework as long as the applicant has completed at least 90 credit hours of college.
    • Biology: A minimum of eight semester hours.
    • Inorganic Chemistry: A full course of at least eight semester hours.
    • Organic Chemistry: A full course of at least six semester hours.
    • Physics: A minimum of eight semester hours
    • English: A minimum of six semester hours of composition and literature.
    • Behaviour Sciences: A minimum of six credit hours of courses OPTIONAL in the behavioural sciences.
  1. CAPE 1 and 2 are required for Caribbean applicants. Canada applicants must meet the above requirements and have their work evaluated by a NACES-approved independent evaluator.
  2. Before matriculating at the BIMS SOM-HP, all other students from Asia, Africa, Europe, and other continents must submit an equivalency evaluation or fulfill Pre-Med requirements. Understudy applying from India is expected to have finished NEET to be considered for Confirmation. The current TOEFL overall cutoff score of 95 (Internet-based total, or its equivalent on the Computer-based or Paper-based versions) is exempt from this requirement for international applicants who complete their required academic courses from an English-speaking academic institution.

The IELTS’s current overall cutoff score (overall band score) is 7.0.

The following are some suggested ways to improve your resume:

  • We expect BIMS SOM-HP students to be at ease and poised, displaying the highest levels of and passion from their first day with us, reflecting the general trend in medical education to incorporate experiences earlier in the academics and earlier in curricula.
  • Clinical Experience (Optional, but Highly Recommended). A minimum of 200 hours of patient care experience reflected in either professional or volunteer healthcare environments. Volunteering, prior experience in the healthcare field, or working as a medical assistant are all examples of this.
  • All clinical schools in the Carribean additionally require letters of suggestion from educators, coaches, or different experts who can address the candidate’s true capacity for outcome in the program.

Optional MCAT Scores

  • Each applicant from the United States and Canada must submit “Medical College Aptitude Test scores (MCAT) or equivalent testing scores, including previous scores if the test was taken more than once.” If a MCAT score is available, applicants must submit one.
  • MCAT Report from the AAMC with a verification code—this is not required, but it is highly recommended, especially if your transcripts show some areas of weakness.

The following is a MANDATORY requirement:

  • Since 2005, the Association of American Medical Colleges has suggested that all medical schools conduct background checks on prospective students to prevent admission of individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes.
  • Thusly, we suggest that all candidates have a Police Freedom 3 months prior to joining from the nation of their starting point, gave explicitly for enlistment at BIMS SOM-HP.

Additionally, applicants to all medical schools must participate in a series of in-person or video-conferencing interviews. Candidates’ motivation, communication abilities, and comprehension of the medical field will all be evaluated during these interviews. The purpose of the interview process is to ascertain whether an applicant possesses the qualities and characteristics necessary to become a successful medical professional and to provide medical schools with a better understanding of the applicant’s capacity to handle the demands of the MD program. Applicants can increase their chances of being accepted into the MD program by demonstrating strong academic ability, dedication to the medical field, and the personal qualities and characteristics necessary for success.


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